Are We Redressing the Messiah? Part 1

Are We Redressing the Messiah? Part 1

D’vorah is back with me for a two-part message on Redressing the Messiah. Have we redressed Jesus to make Him look less like the Jewish man and Messiah and more like a Gentile Savior? He is both, but how does that turn the Jewish people away from Him? Listen in to hear out discussion on this topic and more.

The Scriptures:

– on provoking the Jews to jealousy/zealousness:               Romans 11:11-14

– on dressing the High Priest Aaron:                                         Exodus 28:3-6, Leviticus 8

– on Messiah being the Prophet like Moses                           Deuteronomy 18:15

– on the four things required of the Gentiles                        Acts 15:19-21

– on the yoke of the Torah/Kingdom                                        Matthew 11:29-30

Jesus Came to Make the Torah “Stand Up”