A Mountain, A Temple, and Heaven

A Mountain, A Temple, and Heaven

Dr. Dinah Dye and I have a great conversation on God’s Mountain, Temple, and Heaven. You will not want to miss this! What does it mean when God said, “This is my Son whom I love”? Why does He say, “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated”? Learn about all this on today’s podcast.

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Finding our Identity in Yeshua

Finding our Identity in Yeshua

In this day and time, many are confused about who they are and their purpose in life. Believers in Jesus are no different in many ways. Trauma, abuse, and injustices can change the way we once saw ourselves and leave us empty and searching for a new identity. But, as my guest, Ruth Camargo shares, Jesus is the fulfillment of who we are and why we are here on this Earth. She shares how Jesus showed her who she is and how much she is loved by Him.

Ruth Camargo is a wife and mother of four. She has over a decade of experience as an Early Childhood Educator. She has a heart for the unborn and has been a Sidewalk Advocate for Life. She and her husband Pedro lead a Children’s Ministry called Torah Heroes in Albuquerque, NM. In her free time, she enjoys having tea, baking, creating, journaling, & studying Hebrew. She enjoys connecting with other women & sharing in all areas of beauty. She is passionate about encouraging others to walk in their true purpose & identity in the Messiah.

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Diary of a Control Freak

Diary of a Control Freak

We have an awesome show today with my guest, Charli Brown founder of The Rooted Kafe. Charli is a nurse, speaker, author, and leadership coach.

You will laugh, cry, and be inspired to change with Charli. As seen on The Practical Portion (Messianic Lamb Network) and The Portion, Charli Brown is that speaker and author that personally connects with you while taking you on a journey of change. Her passion is breaking down tough topics using humor and relatable stories. She is the founder and director of the international ministry, The Rooted Kafe.

In It’s Not My Weed to Pull—Diary of a Control Freak, author Charli Brown shares through humor and garden imagery how God showed her that not every problem was her problem to solve and that when she tried to hop over into others’ “gardens,” to help,
the result usually ended in disaster. In her no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase way, Charli opens up about her own experiences and guides readers to understand the problem that being a control freak really is, for yourself and for others, and what God has to say
about pulling up weeds in someone else’s garden.


The Garden of Gratitude

The LAMB Network

The LAMB Network

Today, Mark Smith, founder and owner of the Messianic LAMB Network, talks about his trips to Israel, the Torah, and The Messianic LAMB Network.

Look for his show on the Messianic LAMB network called The Planet Chapter as well as mine and co-host, Lauren Crews’ show called Living Waters: Falling Deeper in Love with God’s Word.

Are We Redressing the Messiah? Part 2

Are We Redressing the Messiah? Part 2

D’vorah returns with part 2 of our conversation on redressing the Messiah, prophecy, and hastening the day of redemption.

Scripture used in this episode:

– on Blessed is the Name of the Lord Psalm 118:26

– on hastening the geulah (redemption)                                 2 Peter 3:10-12

– on negative prophecy not having to be fulfilled                Jeremiah 28:7-9

– on the call to return to the ancient paths                            Jeremiah 6:16