Celebrating the Feast of Lights

Celebrating the Feast of Lights

My guest today is Dreama Archibald!

Dreama has been writing poetry and stories for over 40 years. She is excited to begin the journey into the publishing world and is looking forward to a long and wonderful relationship. Over the past few years, she has been attending writing conferences at least twice a year and has won seven awards.

She has been a puppet team director for twenty years, writes all the scripts, and is known for her puppet, Ms. Moody; her ridiculous laugh is always the giveaway between the two.


Mouse Malachi Discovers Hanukkah 

Daniel 11

Beaten Olives (Exodus 27:20 and Leviticus 24:1)

Walking Humbly

Walking Humbly

Martin Johnson is my guest today.

Martin Johnson is an award-winning writer and screenwriter. Martin shares his experiences of living with a traumatic brain injury and how God has used his brain injury to humble him. Martin is both a speaker and advocate for the Brain Injury Association of America.

Martin’s desire to walk humbly with God was birthed from the faith that the Scriptures say “walked humbly” with God. Martin believes the Christian experience isn’t about achieving and sustaining earthly greatness, but instead, a kingdom greatness that is only achieved through servanthood. You can read Martin’s monthly blog
and connect with him via MartinThomasJohnson.com. Follow Martin on Twitter @mtjohnson51.


Everyman’s Talmud

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23

Not One Jot or Tittle

Not One Jot or Tittle

My guest is Juantia Weiss.

Weiss Ministries, Inc. of Chesapeake was founded in 2000 as a covering for the theatrical productions, preaching and teaching ministry, and publications opportunities by Juanita Weiss intended to bless the Body of Messiah. Weiss Ministries’ primary goal is the bridging of gaps between diverse demographics: ethnic groups, socio-economic groups, generational groups, and denominational groups.

She and her husband have a show on the Messianic LAMB Network called ASHREY! It’s Time to Bless!



Being Part of the Bigger Story

Being Part of the Bigger Story

Britt Mooney is an author, podcaster, story consultant, and mentor for artists to tell stories that matter.

Britt Mooney lives and tells great stories. As an author of fiction and nonfiction, he is passionate about teaching ministries and nonprofits the power of storytelling to inspire and spread truth. Mooney has a podcast called Kingdom Over Coffee and is a published author of We Were Reborn for This: The Jesus Model for Living Heaven on Earth as well as Say Yes: How God-Sized Dreams Take Flight.

We Were Reborn For This: In a world of chaos and division, we have been born again to work with God to rescue souls and bring redemption. Who knows best how to live from heaven while we live on earth? Jesus, of course! Check out his latest book, We Were Reborn for This: The Jesus Model for Living Heaven on Earth.

Our Temporary Dwelling Place

Our Temporary Dwelling Place

Robyn K. Hesley-Cowherd has been an integral part of Blossoming Rose since its founding. She, along with 3 other ladies formed “Bat Tzion,” a Davidic Dance worship team that danced throughout the Midwest at the Blossoming Rose banquets in the early years.

As a “PK” (Preacher’s Kid), she has been a student of the scriptures from childhood. She served on the Education Committee with Blossoming Rose and was integral in the Blossoming Rose Symposia as well as the “Times of the Messiah” Forums held by Blossoming Rose before information became so widely available through the internet.

Robyn has served for 20+ years, and continues to serve, at Congregation Bet Ami where she holds ordination.