The godly care for their animals....Proverbs 12:10 NLT My German shepherd, Mia, had surgery almost a month ago to remove a growth on her back foot. She injured it a couple of years ago by jumping our fence. She had a nasty cut that we cleaned and sprayed with an antibiotic and thought it had … Continue reading Wounded


How blessed are those who make peace! For they will be called sons of God.Matthew 5:9 CJB I am a middle child. I have three older sisters and two younger. My oldest sister, Cindy, is nine years older than me, while my youngest sister, Melanie, is nine years younger. The term most often applied to … Continue reading Shalom


How blessed are those who show mercy! For they will be shown mercy.Matthew 5:7 CJB One of my mom's favorite expressions of surprise is "Mercy!" (Imagine a Southern accent with that) 🙂 My youngest son, Michael loved to imitate her by repeating it when she visited. My mom always got a kick out of it. … Continue reading Mercy!