The Mountains

           The cold crisp air took my breath away as we climbed higher and higher. The white caps, blue water, and evergreens made my pictures look as though I was a professional photographer. The view from my camera warmed my heart as I thanked my Creator for the landscape. As my finger… Continue reading The Mountains


Living out the Sabbath (Shabbat)

Fellow blogger Carole Sparks wrote "Sabbathing: Is that a word?" on her blog Not About Me. She brought up a lot of good points in that post as well as her follow up post. You can read it here.  As I read her post, it made me think of my time in Israel and celebrating a Shabbat… Continue reading Living out the Sabbath (Shabbat)


Identity Theft

Identity. What does it mean? We all have one. We've all heard of identity theft, right? Wikipedia says, "It means to assume another person's private identifying information...to commit fraud or other crimes." It also says, "The person whose identity has been assumed may suffer adverse consequences..." But, what is our identity? Who seeks to steal it?… Continue reading Identity Theft


Are you making Disciples?

At 24 years old, I was out of school, looking for a full-time job in my field of biology, and getting involved in a new church. I wasn't really sure who God was, even though I had been brought up in a Christian home. I was confused. I was told most of my life I had… Continue reading Are you making Disciples?