Jewels of Hebrews

My Bible study, Jewels of Hebrews, was released on December 1, 2020, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have it available to you.

Jewels of Hebrews

The Lord has been in it from the very beginning. Even when I thought it would never get picked up, the Lord sent a publisher who was interested in Bible studies for people who want to dive deep into Scripture. I couldn’t have planned it better. I am so thankful for Mt. Zion Ridge Press and their willingness to take a chance on me.

Here is a except from the back cover of my book:

You are a treasure hunter on a mission to find hidden jewels. Your guide Stephanie Pavlantos has gone before you and now joins you on an expedition to unearth a hidden gem from each chapter of Hebrews. When you open your beloved Bible and dive deep into the book, you will find a rare diamond, ruby, sapphire, and other gems. You will explore the rich history of the early church and the connections the book of Hebrews has to the Old Testament. The supremacy of Yeshua and his royalty will be revealed as the Jewels of Hebrews are discovered one chapter at a time. Learn about these jewels and the meaning of their color as you find relatable and practical applications for modern times. Get ready for a life-changing journey! Yeshua is eager to reveal the Jewels of Hebrews to you and crown you his prince or princess.

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Here are links to order it now: and

Recently the Selah Awards selected Jewels of Hebrews as a finalist in the Non-Fiction Books/Bible Study category! I am so honored and excited. The final round of the contest will be announced on June 2, 2021.

UPDATE: I placed 3rd in my category at the Selah Awards! Yay! I was very excited. There were so many amazing books and talented authors at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference this year. I was very happy to be among them.

I made these posts to share about each chapter: I hope you enjoy these.

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