By Stephanie Pavlantos and Starr Ayers

                        Room at the Table:

Encouraging Stories from Special Needs Families


Author Stephanie Pavlantos, the mother of Matthew with cerebral palsy and Starr Ayers, the mother of Ashley with Down syndrome, co-authored the collection of real-life experiences from families, guardians, caregivers, and individuals with special needs. These stories of hardship, courage, and blessings will encourage, enlighten, and equip readers for ministry in their communities. Room at the Table also contains a light-hearted look at life through the eyes of these extraordinary individuals.

Stephanie Pavlantos

Stephanie Pavlantos is passionate about getting people into God’s Word. She has taught Bible studies for twenty years and has spoken at ladies’ retreats. She self-published her first Bible study called The Few, the Humble, the Church: A Study on the Book of Ephesians and Spiritual Warfare in 2008. Her second Bible study, called Jewels of Hebrews, was published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press in 2020.

Her third book, Room at the Table: Encouraging Stories from Special Needs Families, releases on November 1, 2022.

She has a podcast called Grafted: Jewish Roots of Christianity at and co-hosts a show on Messianic LAMB Network TV called Living Waters: Falling Deeper in Love with God’s Word.

She is ordained with Messenger Fellowship in Nashville, TN. Stephanie works for Besorah Institute for Judeo-Christian Studies in the Student Services department and teaching online classes.

Other Books

Jewels of Hebrews

You will explore the rich history of the early church and the connections the book of Hebrews has to the Old Testament. The supremacy of Yeshua and his royalty will be revealed as the Jewels of Hebrews are discovered one chapter at a time. Learn about these jewels and the meaning of their color as you find relatable and practical applications for modern times. Get ready for a life-changing journey! 

The Few, the Humble, the Church

In this verse-by-verse study of Ephesians, we will travel back to the creation of the Church by God through Jesus and discover all that God intended His Church to be. Find out what it means to be Christ-like while learning why and how to use your spiritual gifts. We are all God’s children whether we are a husband, wife, child, employee, or employer, study how we are to relate to one another. The second part of this study is devoted to spiritual warfare. In this section, you will use both the Old and New Testaments to witness God’s character and read His promises to us as we fight in this unseen realm. He has given us armor and weapons to fight and defend ourselves while telling us the battle is His. 

Love Knots

Devotional: Forty heartfelt devotions are knit together into a love knot of God’s peace. Strengthen your relationships as you journey through stories of faith, family, and friendships.


The teaching is deep weaving Hebrew and Jewish backgrounds. One chapter at a time focuses on a particular jewel as revealed in Hebrews. I found my love for the Lord growing deeper while my understanding of scripture exploded.

– Sharon Beth Brani


Never have I comprehended that as much as I’m beginning to, through this study of the book of Hebrews. If you want to find this out for yourself, please get this study – the physical book, or the ebook. And study, really study Hebrews as never before. It will change how you see Jesus, and how you see yourself and others in God’s plan for the world. 

– Marie P.


As the mother of an adult with disabilities, I am delighted to have Room at the Table: Encouraging Stories from Special Needs Families as a resource, both for my own encouragement and to share with others.

Lynn H. Blackburn

Award-winning author

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