My guest on today’s podcast is Corry Keeler!

Through her many trials and life experiences, including the death of her son, Beau, Corry presents the hope that only comes through the revelation that God not only exists but that He cares deeply for the affairs of human beings and wants an intimate relationship with everyone who calls on Him.  Her message is simple, clear, honest, and sometimes very raw. She willingly and eagerly shares her tragedies to help others heal, reconcile, and come to a place of coexistence with pain and suffering, but with a deep and abiding peace and joy.

Corry is presently married to speaker and fellow musician, Randy Keeler. Between them, they raised nine children, traveled the world, and continue to serve their community on the worship team at their congregation, Beth Emunah, as well as serving in the band, Lev Shelo. Corry is a co-director of Lev Shelo Ministries, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.  She is also a writer, journalist, copy editor, and speaker at venues wherever she is invited. 

Videos: Rain Down by Corry Keeler,

I’m Still Here (Corry’s song about her son)

Psalm 18 ESV