Today’s guest is Lauren Blake.

Lauren is the founder and a life coach with Shalom Strategies ( She has a B.A. in Christian Education and Ministry and her Masters in Spiritual Formation and Evangelism from Wheaton College. She wrote her thesis on the Bridal Paradigm and included a creative project of Bible Devotional on Song of Songs. 

Lauren became a widow at twenty-five after being married just over a year. However, she has since remarried and has four children. She has helped her husband plant two congregations under the Tikkun American network. Which creates space for Christian and Messianic Jewish believers to worship Jesus (Yeshua) together in unity with distinctions. 

Lauren has been involved in the International House of Prayer movement in Kansas City and prayer leads at the First Coast House of Prayer in Saint Augustine. Her passion is to walk out Jesus’s prayer in John 17 to be One with Him and His Body.

Lauren believes the key to walking this out is allowing the Holy Spirit to live through us so we can be a beautiful Bride made up of the whole body of Messiah for His Return.

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