The Betrothal

The Betrothal


My guest today is Dr. Dinah Hodgson.

Although initially trained as a registered nurse, Dinah’s life was refocused in early 2000 when she sensed a call to full-time ministry. She attended Grand Canyon University’s Christian Leadership program and became ordained by Messenger Fellowship.

Dinah has served in a myriad of leadership roles including staff pastor within the local church, as well as para-church ministries and is passionate about helping individuals understand their identity and inheritance in Christ and experience greater depths of intimacy with the Triune God.

Dinah recently graduated from Primus University of Theology with a Masters in Ministry focused on Leadership and Christian Counseling.

She has spoken nationally, as well as internationally at women’s retreats, and taught men’s and women’s classes.

Get her book, Up from the Ashes: Reclaiming God’s Original Design and Purpose for Your Life at

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