Happy New Year: Rosh Hashanah Explained

Happy New Year: Rosh Hashanah Explained

The Feast of Trumpets. You don’t want to miss this episode if you have wondered what this feast means and where Jesus fulfills it!

Kisha Gallagher explains Rosh Hashanah or Feast of Trumpets. In this two-part series, she discusses the meaning of moedim or appointed times, the biblical meaning of Rosh Hashanah, the coronation of the King, as well as the Feast of Trumpets many facets.




What is Churchianity?

What is Churchianity?

In today’s podcast, I talk with Luke and Kayte Abaffy. Luke is a videographer and writer. His book, The Truth: Reformation 2.0 is a lighthearted, hard-hitting apologetics resource written to equip Torah observant believers to understand and defend their faith using Scripture.

Katye Abaffy is a Certified Life Coach, who brings biblical wisdom, life-tested tools, and best friend enthusiasm to each client she serves, as she helps them do the things they’ve been meaning to do and become who they were meant to be.

Book blurb for The Truth, Reformation 2.0:

For 2,000 years, Christians taught that trying to keep the laws of the Old Testament is at worst, a blasphemous attempt to earn one’s salvation and at best, a misguided pursuit meant for Jewish people alone. Thanks to our fortunate involvement in the New Covenant, we don’t need to concern ourselves with now-symbolic food laws or the shadow-picture feasts of Leviticus 23 … or do we?

What if those laws are essential to the New Covenant and tied to the very purpose of life? What if they reveal more of Jesus’s example for us to follow? And what if the law of God is a perfect reflection of who He is, allowing us to know Him in a deeper way than ever before?



The LAMB Network

The LAMB Network

Today, Mark Smith, founder and owner of the Messianic LAMB Network, talks about his trips to Israel, the Torah, and The Messianic LAMB Network.

Look for his show on the Messianic LAMB network called The Planet Chapter as well as mine and co-host, Lauren Crews’ show called Living Waters: Falling Deeper in Love with God’s Word.

Are We Redressing the Messiah? Part 2

Are We Redressing the Messiah? Part 2

D’vorah returns with part 2 of our conversation on redressing the Messiah, prophecy, and hastening the day of redemption.

Scripture used in this episode:

– on Blessed is the Name of the Lord Psalm 118:26

– on hastening the geulah (redemption)                                 2 Peter 3:10-12

– on negative prophecy not having to be fulfilled                Jeremiah 28:7-9

– on the call to return to the ancient paths                            Jeremiah 6:16

Is the Torah Still Relevant Today?

Is the Torah Still Relevant Today?

My guest is Holly Eastburg from HebrewRootsMom.com.

Is the Torah still relevant to us today? Does it have anything to do with Salvation? Do we really need to keep the Torah with its laws and teachings? Is there a more significant spiritual blessing for those who do? Holly and I discuss that and more in today’s episode.

From Holly’s website:

My family and I are on a journey to grow spiritually and strengthen our Christian faith through a deeper understanding of the Old and New Testament and the culture of our Messiah, Jesus.

Studying the bible from a Jewish perspective can provide a great deal of biblical understanding. Each member of my family has grown spiritually since we started practicing our faith according to our Biblical roots and making this a part of our family’s legacy. It’s my desire for other Christians and their families to grow along with us and I welcome you to join us on this journey. I’ll share our beliefstraditionsrecipes, and more to help you on your Hebrew Roots journey also. I hope it’s as much a blessing to your family as it has been to ours!

Her book, Bring Shalom to Your Home welcomes Christians to bring peace and completion to their lives by providing ways to live out their Biblical faith. Led by ancient traditions and Scripture, Holly Eastburg teaches the basics of practicing the Hebraic Christian faith through these topics:

The Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith, The Sabbath (Shabbat), The Biblical Holy Days (Moedim), Passover (Pesach), Unleavened Bread (The Feast of Matzah), Firstfruits (HaBikkurim), Shavuot (Pentecost), Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashanah), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication), Purim, The Shema, The Biblical Hebrew Language, A Biblically Clean Diet, Studying the Bible, The Biblical Calendar, Finding a Church, Teaching Your Children, Explaining Your Faith to Your Others.