My Photos

Here are a few highlights of my best pictures.

Sharon Woods Park
Magnolia Plantation, SC
Charleston, SC
Squaw Rock
Angel Tree in SC
Indian Run Falls, Columbus, OH
Magnolia Plantation, SC
Berea Falls, OH
Cleveland Fireworks

Squaw Rock, Chagrin Falls, OH
David Fortier Park, Olmstead Falls, OH
Magnolia Plantation, SC
Isle of Palm Beach, SC
Double Decker Falls, Chagrin, OH
Quarry Rock Falls
Quarry Rock Falls

6 thoughts on “My Photos

  1. Michael McCormick

    The Lord often speaks to me through stone and water. I create stone and water projects as a side thing and now I also do it as part of my job. Whether I am viewing or building, The Lord speaks very clearly to me. His creation is so beautiful and each thing or place is so unique. I really like all the pictures and videos. Keep them coming.

  2. Absolutely stunning, just wish I could see them full screen on 24″ monitor! I love your work, it embraces life, you have an amazing gift of being able to get the best shots that make it come more alive! I love you energy and passion. Lovely! x0 <3

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