I lived on a farm in Dayton, Ohio for the majority of my grade school and high school years. I have a biology degree and have worked with marine animals in theme parks and medical labs and research. (Not all at the same time…). My husband Mike and I live in Stow, OH now. A few years ago, he wanted to create a homestead on our four-and-a-half acres for various reasons: one of those being to know where our food was coming from and what went into it to get it. So, we bought a couple of dairy goats, a dozen chickens and jumped right into it! Seven years later, we have a dozen goats (we have had up to 14!), more chickens and two dogs. Little did I know that the vet I wanted to be growing up, I would become to my animals. (I’m not a vet; I just act like one…) I had delivered many goat kids, treated their cuts, stayed up with them during the night when they were sick, and sat with them as they died. It has been an adventure. Mike and I have three college kids as well. I homeschooled them on and off (mostly on) from kindergarten to about 10th or 11th grade. My life has been full and busy!


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