Signing the Contract!

I am so excited, and I wanted to share it with all of you who have not seen my FB page!  I wrote about my Bible study, The Jewels of Hebrews, last week in the post called Gift of Gab. Mt. Zion Ridge Press will publish it in December 2020. Yay!! It is definitely a…

The Gift of Gab

A few years ago, I had some genetic testing done through 23 and Me, a branch of  In addition to finding out I have a few enzymes missing, I found out I am 71% Irish/English. My great-grandfather came from Ireland to the United States, but I had no idea I had that much Irish in me.  Throughout my…


As I was driving home this weekend from my sister’s house, I saw a sign on the overpass with the words, “Are you breathing?” Obviously this sign referred to the senseless death of George Floyd. But, as I thought about it, I also realized that Covid-19 took away the breath of many people. As we…

Is Healing for Real?

Has God healed you from an illness, injury, or some other condition? Do you believe God heals today? My pastor preached a sermon this past Sunday on healing and I thought it was worth discussing on this blog today. In my Bible study on Hebrews, I wrote about Jesus/Yeshua healing us body, soul, and spirit….

A Sign and Seal

This past weekend was Pentecost or the Feast of Shavuot. It is celebrated fifty days after Passover and the death of Jesus/Yeshua. In the Christian church we think of it as the day the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples waiting in the upper room. But the first Pentecost occurred for a different reason….